Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

traditional vs digital

Marketing is the important part of a business. It is all about promoting and selling products and services. Marketing is an organization of selling products on the base of price, the area where it should be supplied to and where should be advertised. A wise entrepreneur will make sure of selling a part of a budget for the marketing efforts. As we have two kinds of marketing traditional and digital marketing

Traditional Marketing 

For many years our basic advertisement tools included magazines, television, radio etc. As marketing methods were used based on their budget and need to target on the specific market segment. This advertising method made very costly and as traditional marketing choices were not comfortable enough for small businesses.

High price for advertising

Traditional marketing is usually expensive than the new form of advertising. This makes the new companies hard to afford the capital. Hence, operations also fail due to a lack of capital to show the advertisement continuously.

Lack of time

In traditional advertising, changes cannot be made as compared to the digital marketing. You have to decide the blogs or content on your advertisement a month before in advance with the proper vocabulary when you run magazines or any other advertisement. Changes in the advertisement require more time and additional expenses.

Hard to Target audience

It is harder to target the audience with the help of traditional marketing. Outlets are delivered to the targeted audiences but it is hard to understand who has read your advertisement and who all the people are interested in it.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing plays a very important role in our day to day activity. As it is an online way of marketing and promoting your products to grow your business. Digital marketing is an interactive means of reaching to the local audience as well as global audiences. As is a very easy mode of marketing, you can easily target the audience and it can be measurable too.

Low Cost

The main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way. Targeted social media or an online campaign can reach to the right customers at much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.


Measurable Online Marketing

Now these days, Online marketing is easily measurable on how much is your business in progress. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months to know about the reach of your business. You can see the number of visitors on your site, the increase in likes and even the conversion rates.

High Rate Customer engagement on Digital Advertising

Digital marketing helps us to target the potential customers to get easily engage with your business, by giving more and more advertising about your business. as online marketing is all about understanding customers taste and their interest in buying products. Their feedback is more important for growing up your business.

Digital marketing through social media

Social media is another platform in digital marketing to grow your business rapidly. It is a collection of online marketing channels that allows you to create your business and build brand awareness. You cannot think about digital marketing without social media marketing. As social media has many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. which helps you to grow your business.

High Conversion rates

People don’t have to come to your shop and buy the products. Now, they can find out everything about your business and it offers right from the comfort of your house as you use the right strategies. Hence, digital marketing can prove to be very valuable to a business if it used in the right way.

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