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Facebook Vs Google: The Digital Battle


Facebook Vs Google: The Digital Battle

The marketing industry has been developed exponentially. Since 20th century as there, were fewer advertisers limited by medium and demographics, this industry has come a long way. Nowadays internet touches and reaches every aspect of our lives as we need the internet on our day to day activities. All of this digital marketing mania, it is mostly controlled by two IT giants, Google and Facebook. In this article, we will discuss the marketing strategies, services, and an ongoing battle between these two giants that have taken over the advertising world from radio, television to the new advertising level. Both Google and Facebook are extremely competitive in their quest to hire the best and the brightest talent, earning their reputations as best places to work.

For years, Google and Facebook both have duked it out Business insiders and Glassdoors annual list. Google and Facebook both started out without any advertising services. While Google was primarily a search engine and as Facebook offer itself as an attractive social networking alternative. As both of them grew in size and popularity, they rolled down their marketing strategies and started their own advertising platforms. Today Google and Facebook are the two biggest marketing service providers and so obviously are the cut-throat competition with each other.

  1. Daily Active Users

Facebook is the most popular social networking worldwide. It has more than 1.5 billion daily active users. The majority of its growth is projected to come from mobile devices.

Since more people spend their precious time in front of computers or smartphone and most of the people use Google to search for something. Therefore Google have up to 3.5 billion daily active users. As more people are getting access to the internet, we will surely see an increase in the number of daily searches

  1. Sub Platforms

Facebook has been acquiring and gathering user information for more than a decade. Here are five of the companies that Facebook owns Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus, and Masquerade. Apps connected to Facebook provides, the basic information about username, gender, age etc along with the success Facebook has merged with this company in its lifetime.

Today, Google is the highest internet search engine where there are many daily active users use for their information. Google also owns companies such as Google Adwords, Adsense, Google Wallet, Google Map, YouTube, Google Drive, Android, Google Chrome and Google Play.

  1. Targeting Audiences

Two billion people use Facebook every month to connect with their friends and families and discover things that matter. Facebook also helps to run the business by doing advertisement on Facebook. Millions of business, Big and small connect with people on Facebook. Facebook helps advertiser’s to connect to the people who are likely interested in their business. Facebook targets the business according to its Location needed, Behaviour, Demographics, Interest, and connections.

Targeting ads is an essential part of a successful advertising campaign. Google ads offer the different way of targeting an advertisement by Demographics, Affinity, In-market, Custom intent, Similar audiences and remarketing will help of these many options an advertiser can successfully target the audiences and achieve goals.

  1. Advertising Placement

When an ad is created by advertiser there is an option on the Facebook, show the ads in places where there are likely to perform best or manually choosing where an advertiser wants to show their ads. The place where advertiser runs the ads is called placement.  Placement helps to reach to the audiences advertisers want to show it. Depending on the objective advertisers choose when they create their ads. The Facebook ads can appear on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

When an advertiser advertises the Google ads it can appear on different places across the web depending on how advertiser targets the ad and whom to show. When advertiser advertises the Google ads, it can appear on different places across the web depending on how an advertiser targets the ads, choose whom to show and the types of ad which advertisers create. Google offers advertisements which appear in search results on google.com with the use of Google Ads or advertisement that appear on other websites through the Display Network and Google’s Adsense program.

  1. Suitable for…

Facebook was the first social networking platform which had many users. Now it has more than 1.5 billion daily active users using Facebook. As it is the most popular networking sites worldwide and has raised the highest number of an active user. Many of the B2C marketers use Facebook as it provides a large number of opportunities for B2C social media marketing. If an advertiser B2C social media marketing goal is to raise awareness, build a community and promote online selling than Facebook can be a great platform for advertising.

Google target audience has to be able to find an advertiser site for it to be effective. That’s where the search engine optimization helps. Though SEO is a complex and evolving marketing tactic, it ultimately consists of primary components. On-site SEO and Offsite SEO, SEO is an incredible tool that you should not overlook. After all, if an advertiser has no site visitors than he will not grow as a B2B business. If an advertiser wants to speed up the process of attracting new customers than one should have to consider pay per click advertising. PPC allows an advertiser platform to get the content in front of relevant users Google is seriously evaluating and getting into an e-commerce. E-commerce simplifies the shopping experience for both the vendors and the customers. E-commerce makes the purchase easy and comfort. B2C e-commerce is the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Many web-based B2C companies thrive by identifying a niche competitive opportunity.


When it comes to Google and Facebook, it doesn’t have to be a competition or a choice. One can use both. If an advertiser wants to get more leads, sales and conversions both the platforms are best at its trick. It’s not either/ or question both are same at their own. Facebook is a big happy online tales we are all drawing. As Facebook can interact with consumers and know their behaviour and can get quick feedback and responses. As a business technology, Facebook is successful.

While Google has increased advertising revenue continuously over the years and have and have formed a very strong differentiation strategy Through pursuing more information lower head and lightning fast speed, Google has been able to achieve their goals in terms of sales and advertising and will continue growing every year.