Your Facebook Campaign – Successful or Not


What are Facebook Ads?
When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook is the king of all social media platforms. That is why running ads on Facebook are absolutely success for any business. Facebook ads are generally the cheapest and the most easily trackable online advertising. Since these are easily optimizable and trackable form of advertising. This gives a lot of control over the ads, but for that one should know the exact strategy of advertising, for making successful Facebook ads. Otherwise, this may lead to wasting of money. As there are lots of perks in utilizing a successful Facebook ad campaign, but as said it has to be structured correctly in order to work more effectively. There are quite a few important elements that go into making a successful Facebook ad campaign work effectively, and we are going to really dive deep and talk about each one of those factors in this blog.

Factors that are essential for running a successful Facebook Ads Campaign.

  1. Set a Goal in Mind

In order to create a successful Facebook Ads Campaign, one must have a goal in mind. There are different marketing objectives advertiser can choose from. They each correspond to different marketing goals. Like if an advertiser wants more people to click on the website that can run a traffic campaign. Likewise, advertiser also wants to generate sales can run a conversion campaign. An advertiser should have a specific goal in mind and for that Facebook likely is a perfect objective.  An advertiser can run Facebook ads that optimize the goal one wants.

  1. Target the Audience.

With Facebook advertising, it is not much important about reaching to so many people but what important is to reach to the right people and audience. Sure, big numbers look awesome on the lead reports, but to reach people who are open to discovering the content, curious about business and ideas to message. And that is probably fewer people who are genuine.

  1. Use eye Catchy Creatives and Videos

A potential customer might scroll away from the ad without reading it if the image doesn’t catch their eye. To prevent losing valuable customers, an advertiser should need to select bright clean, high-quality images for successful Facebook ads. Just make sure the image contains less than 20% text, or else Facebook will show the ad to the right audiences. The best type of image is one that is relevant to the business as well as to target audience.
Videos can convey a lot more information than a single image. Along with Facebook’s autoplay feature, one may be able to snag the attention of someone who scrolled right past the ad.

  1. Budget

Facebook is the platform where the more advertisers add money or willing to spend, the more people will see the ads. If want successful Facebook ads the advertiser has to put a healthy budget behind them. It’s impossible to say what an average budget is. The budget will depend on a lot of variables including how big the company is, how expensive the products are, how big the target audience is.

  1. Conversion Pixels

The most important tool for running successful Facebook Ads is a tracking pixel. Facebook pixel allows tracking how people interact with ads and website. Even advertisers can see which ads people clicked on to get to the website, which pages of the website they clicked on, and even what type of device they were using. This can help to learn which of ads are the most effective and whether mobile or desktop users click on ads and more

Why Facebook Ads aren’t working?

Facebook ads are incredibly powerful, but they aren’t magic. Many advertisers have unrealistic expectations that ads will or should always work or they should be easy. While Facebook gives us all of the tools we need to be successful, there are several reasons why an ad may not work. But if the marketer does not use the factors as per the above-given points than there are few chances in getting your Facebook Ad campaign successful.

Why Soradis Digital?
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